Client Testimonials

“For anyone experiencing creditor-related issues and the uncertainty of not knowing where to turn, fear, or what your rights are, the Law Offices of Matthew W. Kiverts should be your first call.

When making the call, be prepared to speak with a friendly voice who will make you feel comfortable while evaluating your personal situation in confidence. There is no-bull when speaking with the Law Offices of Matthew W. Kiverts. As we did, you will discuss your situation, options, and if there is a fit for your circumstances. You will know or most likely have a general idea within 5 or 10 minutes, like we did. Then the prompt processing of the paperwork and we were off to the races in no time.

When we were told we would be contacted at a specific time or on a specific date, voila, we were. The communications here are fabulous every step of the way. Never did we feel we were left hanging, unlike others out there who claim to do was the Law Offices of Matthew W. Kiverts can do. When they tell you they will be sending you documents via email or postal mail, they will be there! It was amazing how relaxed this firm made us feel during an uncertain time in our lives knowing where we stand and what our rights are.

This law firm knows their stuff and is second to none in getting things done timely, efficiently, honestly, and with stellar customer service. Thank you again Mr. Kiverts. You are doing a world of good for so many out there in helping them to rebuild their lives.” - Joann B., Illinois

“I am writing to express my highest degree of satisfaction and gratitude for everything you have done in regards to my legal matter. I could not have hoped for better results from your representation in this matter, and it is my opinion that your efforts went far above and beyond what was to be expected or required. It is such a relief to find an attorney who really cares about his clients. Thank you very much.” - Jeremiah C., Illinois

“I want to thank you for the wonderful job you did with settling my case. I am very grateful for the hard work that went into effect for you to accomplish such results. Your patience, time, and your hard work are very appreciated. If I ever come across anyone needing services like the ones you provide I can’t thnk of anyone else to take good care of them, and I feel very strongly that a referral is the strongest sign of a job well done.” - Deborah S., Illinois

“I secured the services of Matthew Kiverts when I began receiving harassing telephone calls from a debt collection agency. I owed nothing, the agency had the wrong number, but their tactics were excessive and irritating. Mr. Kiverts assessed the situation expertly, said that he had dealt with just such “collection” corporations before, and told me how he would proceed to stop their harassment. He quickly processed the suit and it proceeded exactly as he had said it would — and I have nothing but the highest regard for Mr. Kiverts and his work. If anyone else finds himself/herself in my situation, I would glad recommend him.” - Jay D., Illinois