FDCPA (Debt Collection Harassment)

Debt Collection Harassment Is Against The Law Are debt collectors causing your… [more]

FDCPA (Debt Collection Harassment) FDCPA (Debt Collection Harassment)

Consumer Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 / Chapter 13)

Drowning in Debt? Give Yourself a “Fresh Start” At the Law Offices of Matthew… [more]

Consumer Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 / Chapter 13) Consumer Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 / Chapter 13)

Tenant Rights

Have a problem with your landlord? We can help! No attorneys’ fees! If you rent/lease… [more]

Tenant Rights Tenant Rights

Lemon Law / Breach Of Warranty

Have a problem with a lemon vehicle or defective consumer product? We can help! No… [more]

Lemon Law / Breach Of Warranty Lemon Law / Breach Of Warranty

ATM Fee Fraud

Q: Did you withdraw money from an ATM recently? Q: Did the ATM charge you a fee? Q:… [more]

ATM Fee Fraud ATM Fee Fraud

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Standing Up For You

At the Law Offices of Matthew W. Kiverts, we stand up for you! We focus our practice exclusively on consumer law and dedicate ourselves to providing personal attention and effective representation to our clients. Due to the nature of our practice, we are also able to do so at no cost to you*.

Whether you are being harassed by debt collectors, not being properly notified about ATM fees, contemplating filing bankruptcy, making trips back and forth to dealerships with your defective lemon of a car, or having a dispute with your landlord because he refuses to return your security deposit, our attorneys are here to listen and help you to find effective solutions to the problems you face as a consumer.

We represent clients throughout the states of Illinois and Florida in the areas of FDCPA (Debt Collection Harassment); ATM Fee Fraud; Consumer Bankruptcy (Chapter 7 / Chapter 13); Lemon Law / Breach of Warranty; and, Tenant Rights.

We invite you to explore our informative website and contact our office today for a free consultation. You can reach us by phone at (312) 632-1017, or by email at istopdebtcollectors@gmail.com.

Remember, at the Law Offices of Matthew W. Kiverts, we stand up for you!
With the exception of Consumer Bankruptcy (where we maintain very competitive and reasonable prices), you will not be asked to pay even a penny for our services. We concentrate our practice in areas where the laws contain “fee-shifting provisions”, which allow us to collect our fees directly from the defendant (collection agencies, banks, landlords, etc) ... [Read More]
This law firm knows their stuff and is second to none in getting things done timely, efficiently, honestly, and with stellar customer service. Thank you again Mr. Kiverts. You are doing a world of good for so many out there in helping them to rebuild their lives.”
- Joann B., Illinois